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Welcome to Wadi Rum Accommodation. My name is Mohammed Domayan, I have grown up in the wilderness that you see at the top of this page. I have the priveledge of owning a desert camp and a village hostel made from traditional materials and catering for every kind of traveller on every kind of budget, from adventurous backpacker to adventurous families!

While the masses flock to Petra, Wadi Rum remains Jordan’s hidden treasure. With a wealth of climbing, hiking, camel-riding and jeeping options – or even the simple pleasure of sleeping under the stars –  our Wadi remains the real adventurers destination. I am a guide and a friend to the many people that pass through this stunning location every year. I am here all year round to offer you my 28 years of experience in this area. In this site you will find most of the information you need to plan & make your stay a memory to savour in years to come. Wadi Rum is truly a magical experience.

Who better to quote than TE Lawrence on Wadi Rum, “Our little caravan fell quiet, afraid and ashamed to flaunt its smallness in the presence of the stupendous hills.”

Why Wadi Rum?

Offering some of the most extraordinary desert scenery you’ll ever
witness, Wadi Rum is the definitive highlight of any visit to Jordan.  This area – made famous abroad by the exploits of T.E. Lawrence (‘Lawrence of Arabia’

) in the early 20th century – proudly boasts a myriad of moods and dramatic colours, dictated by the changing angle of the sun. Nature’s gift is our gain, with the finest climbing, hiking, camel riding, horse riding, jeep, photography and meditation options known to the Middle East. In addition, a sunset, sunrise and the explosion of stars to be seen to be believed.GeologyImagine this: The earth, millennia before man, dominated by limitless seas. An enormous earthquake along a sequence of parallel faults gives rise to huge towers of granite and sandstone. Chance had created Wadi Rum. Then, submerged by oceans which slowly ebbed away into to rivers, which in turn left sands and mountains battered by endless winds. Now, this landscape is yours to explore by foot, camel, with ropes or in a jeep, tearing across the desert in search of its historical treasures.

Since man first set foot in the Middle East, man has been drawn to Wadi Rum. It has always been a natural source of water, food, shade and spiritualism. But when did people first gather? While doubtless there were earlier settlements, the oldest physical evidence we have are ritual sites discovered by Dr Gary Rollefson in 2007. These prove the existence of settlements here dating as far back as 4000BC. Then, between then and the birth of Islam, it served as the gathering place for the tribes of Ad, Thamud, Lihyan and Main. The Nabataeans, however, surpassed such tribes in trade activities and monumental achievements (such as Petra!) and are hence better remembered.

‘Nocturnal’ is the way to describe the creatures that lurk here. So you must be on your toes to spy the Camel Spider, Arabian Oryx, Desert Lark, Ibex, Grey Wolf, one of the 10 species of snake (only 2 venemous!) or 8 species of scorpion that live here. You are, however, guarenteed to see the following: Black Beetles and Camels!

In Summer: Hot in the days but shade is pleantiful, at night: Mild and perfect for outdoor sleeping
In Spring: Warm to hot in days, at night – blanket (provided) necessary
In Fall: Warm to mild in days – bring jacket for evenings and sleeping bag if you intend to sleep under the stars, otherwise not necessary.
In Winter: Mild to cold in days – bring thermals and warm coat for early mornings and evenings. Still possible to sleep under stars but good sleeping bag recommennded (we provide blankets also).

NOTE: When packing, please remember that anything less than knee-length shorts and t-shirt is considered disrespectful in our culture/village and may cause offence/unwanted attention or comments from some locals. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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